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RANA TILES WORLD is one of classic & the best TILE, MARBLE, GRANITE, SANITARY AND HARDWARE ITEMS trader in this vicinity of Distt. Kangra (H.P.) (Khundian, Jawalaji, Nadaun, Majheen, Nahlian, Jaisinghpur, Thural, Bhawarana, Pudwa, Dheera/Naura Baba Baroh etc.)

We provide only premium quality products at competitive price.

Best in class after-sale services along with customised advisory to construct/renovate your dream home.


We are the Professionals who bring a balance to the design and allow you to see a space through someone else’s eyes. We suggest paying close attention to both the needs and the want of people who will be its ultimate residents.  We are a well-acclaimed tiles trading firm with the finest credentials to execute a project to perfection.

Our knowledge and years of experience base make us exceptional and allow us to best designs and quality according to requirement, suitability, durability and feasibility. Designing your dream home with the best tiles, granite and marble designs can be quite a nightmare if it involves coordinating with different contracting professionals and hassle of getting work done from them as per your specifications and yet after all the efforts the results are unsatisfactory

Professional advisory consultant.

Single point of contact for all your home construction/renovation design needs.

No coordination hassles.

Effective control and management during the course of project The wheel of change continues to spin in the world of interior design, as interior decoration has inevitably become a means of making a statement, be it commercial or your personal space , interior design today is much more then aesthetics – it is about identity.