Rana Tiles World creates classy and contemporary Home interior and Exterior Designs


We supply, Cemet/sand/bajri/bricks/saria etc along with hardware items of premium quality at competitive rates.

Floor Tiles

Your home is more than just walls; it’s a cosy place where calmness, balance, and peace mix. At Rana Tiles World, we know how your home’s inside can affect your feelings. Our non-skid tiles quietly help turn your living spaces into a comfy oasis—a true picture of your taste and style.

Wall Tiles

Your living space is like a blank canvas. At Rana Tiles World, we’re good at turning plain walls into fantastic displays of style and class. Explore our wall tiles to give your place a fresh look. Whether you like modern simplicity, timeless designs, or bright patterns, our collection has something for everyone.

Marble , Granite

In the world of classy looks, Marble and Granite are like kings for home and kitchens. At Rana Tiles World, we want you to enjoy the beauty and quality of these special rocks. Our Marble collection is like an art gallery, with each piece having unique patterns and timeless charm.

Bathroom Fittings

Your bathroom is not just for washing up; it’s relaxing. At Rana Tiles World, we have a bunch of bathroom fittings that make your bathroom look nice and work well. From simple faucets to clever showerheads, our collection makes your bathroom look good and easy to use.

PVC & Iron Pipes

When it comes to building and pipes, choosing the right ones is important. At Rana Tiles World, we have good PVC and Iron Pipes that last a long time.  hether for residential or commercial use, our PVC pipes deliver optimal performance, ensuring a robust plumbing infrastructure.

Ramp Tiles

We believe in making spaces that everyone can use. Our Ramp Tiles boast designs that seamlessly integrate with your existing flooring, creating a harmonious visual flow. Redefine your spaces to be inclusive, welcoming, and visually stunning.